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Excellent Product Design

1.  Stator, rotor and shaft made of high-strength aluminum alloy greatly improve the shock resistance of the motor.
2.  Concave anti-skid teeth combined with locknut and special internal circlip (or snap ring) effectively
prevent rotor from loosing or moving and enhance the reliability of the motor.
3. Neat winding with low resistance guarantees the balanced current of the motor.
4.  Eight-bladed centrifugal fan reduces operating temperature of the motor; clear rotation direction mark
on the motor case helps recognition and installation.

Low Vibration & Noise

The precisely balanced rotor guarantees users low
vibration & noise during the motor’s high-speed rotation.

Top Quality Components

? Special 240? heat-resistant windings (after vacuum dip coating treatment) can stand high,
surge current.
? N54 super magnets guarantee high torque output.
? Super thin silicon steel sheets imported from Japan guarantee low (power) loss, less heat
generation but high magnetic permeability.
? Quality bearings imported from Japan guarantee smoother high-speed rotation and longer
service life.


Product Name

XRotor 2205 2300KV CW/CCW
Relevant Parameters
KV Rating  :  2300KV
LiPo Cells  :  4S
No-Load Current(A/10V)  : 1.6A
Motor Resistance  :  0.068O
Max Continuous Current / Power  :  25A/420W
Stator Diameter/Thickness  :  22mm/5mm
Slot/Plot Count  :  12/14
Motor/Shaft Diameter  :  28.1mm/5mm
Motor Length (w/o, w/ Shaft)  :  17.1mm/31.1mm
Weight  :  28.4g
Recommended Props/ESCs  :  5045 Two-bladed/Three-bladed Propeller(s)
X-Rotor Micro BLHeli  :  30A/3-4S ESC(s)

Appearance & Size (of XRotor 2205 CCW)

Appearance & Size (of XRotor 2205 CW)

HW30405108 - XROTOR 2205 2300 TiTn CW MOTOR

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