TDK1012 - DK Ceramic Bearing Oil (Coming Soon)


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TDK Ceramic Bearing Oil is an extremely thin, high lubricity, and safe oil specially engineered for today's modern hybrid ceramic bearings. TDK Ceramic Bearing Oil is the best solution for your ceramic bearings, providing a long service life and crazy lubricity! TDK Ceramic Bearing Oil cleans and lubricates all-in-one, it will drive out dirt and leave a thin film on the bearings. It is the only oil in the RC industry that is safe, non-toxic, and bio-degradable!

After months of testing different viscosities and lubrication properties, we landed on this, TDK Ceramic Bearing Oil. We started by analyzing what the modern hybrid ceramic bearings need. They require cleanliness and a thin film aiding in not only lubrication but service life. TDK Ceramic delivers on those requirements and then some.

TDK will not work with petroleum-based oils, make sure that bearings are clean and free of oil before lubing with TDK. Clean bearings with a safe citrus-based degreaser, then add 1 or 2 drops of TDK Ceramic Bearing Oil per bearing. 

TDK1012 - DK Ceramic Bearing Oil (Coming Soon)

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